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100 Black Men of Chicago was formed in November of 1994 and subsequently incorporated in December of 1995 by a group of men who shared a common goal of providing youth with educational and mentoring opportunities, with particular emphasis on young African American males.
We hope to improve the chances of success for young Black Men by encouraging them towards success in the educational process, sharing with them our collective life's experience, imparting to them a system of values and ethics, and exposing them to the world beyond their immediate communities.
However, the idea of 100 Black Men was born in New York City in 1963 when a body of successful men from the fields of business, industry, public affairs, government and the professions decided to pool their skills, experiences and resources to improve the quality of life for Blacks and other minorities. Among those early founders were David Dinkins, Livingston Wingate, and Andrew Hatcher.
In the 1970's, the concept of developing individual, independent chapters in other cities took hold and in 1973, the 100 Black Men of New Jersey was formed by Dr. William Hayling and others.
After New Jersey came Los Angeles, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area, Nassau/Suffolk, and Sacramento. In 1986 these nine successful chapters resolved to create "100 Black Men of America, Inc." as a national confederation with Dr. Hayling as the founding president.
The first national conference was held in Atlanta, Georgia on May 27, 1987, where this alliance was introduced to the nation.
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