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Over a six-month period in 2010, HISD has worked to develop a plan for transforming the district to align with the board’s Declaration of Beliefs and Visions and to meet the needs of HISD’s students and parents and the broader community.

Its purpose is not to list all of the district’s current activities or past accomplishments. Rather, it is to describe as clearly as possible the major areas of focus for HISD over the next several years. Thousands of people—parents, students, employees, and community members—have participated in the process, recognizing the stake that we all have in the success of the district. With their help, we have identified five core initiatives that will together enable us to transform HISD:

  • Effective Teacher in Every Classroom
  • Effective Principal in Every School
  • Rigorous Instructional Standards and Supports
  • Data-Driven Accountability
  • Culture of Trust through Action
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