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Top Paying Majors for 2012 Graduates

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average salary of 2012 graduates is $44,442. Often choosing a career, is a choice between passion and money, but the ideal, of course, would be able to find both in a major.  NACE released a survey that includes the rankings of graduate's salaries which can hopefully help college students find a happy medium while in the process of picking a major.

The majors range from business to humanities, which lends helpful to those who are more inclined towards math and others who lean towards more right-brained subjects that focus on creativity and human interaction more. Here's the list of the seven majors in order of highest income to lowest:

Engineering: $67,800
Computer Sciences: $58,300
Business: $54,800
Sciences: $54,700
Communications: $44,700
Education: $42,000
Humanities and social sciences: $38,400

It's easy to just see dollar signs, especially in a culture where money rules. But the best advice for college freshman is to choose a major that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life in a field in which your skills can shine.

Don't forget there is always the option to double major or to simply practice your passions on the side. Be proactive in college! Do your research and test out different classes to help find your niche. Ask for advice from people who have went through the process and have since began their careers. But most importantly, choose a major that fits you.

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