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About: Indiana University enrolls a diverse group of students from around the world who are in pursuit of knowledge in relation to various subjects or career paths.  Our students discover that they share interests with a variety of different types of people.  In turn, they also find a home away from home with friends who have similar backgrounds and experiences.  As the world’s demographics are rapidly changing, diversity is built into the framework and structure of the academic walls of Indiana University.  Through these diversity initiatives, our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels included so that they can be engaged in the learning process.

Admission Info: Admission decisions are based primarily on your academic profile, which includes your high school courses, grades, grade point average/class rank and standardized test scores (SAT and/or ACT).  Competitive applicants will have completed 4-5 academic courses each year (English, math, social science, lab science and foreign language), earned above-average grades in those courses and have strong test scores.  We encourage students to take the SAT and/or ACT for the first time no later than the spring of the junior year in order to retest early in the fall of the senior year.  Students who have a complete application (the online application, an official paper or e-transcript and standardized test scores) submitted by November 1st will have maximum consideration for admission and for scholarship consideration.  When you are admitted you will be considered for and notified about automatic merit scholarships and any additional scholarships you may be invited to apply for.

Scholarship/Financial Aid: Indiana University offers financial aid to eligible students to make education even more affordable. Check out Freshmen Financial Aid: 101 at for important information regarding financial aid at IU. Remember to submit a FAFSA by March 1st for full financial aid consideration.

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